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Big wet brings flooding, evacuations.
HUNDREDS of Queenslanders evacuated to emergency centres because of flooding will be hoping flood waters subside and they can return home.

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Happy New Year 2009 Sydney.
Sydney as usual puts on a spectacular Fire Works display to welcome in the New Year. We are confident 2009 will be positive and rewarding.

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Claims to top 160 million from MacKay Rainstorms.
The damage was caused by a huge volume of rain. A total of 624mm was dumped on Mackay in 10 hours , nearly half the city's annual rainfall of 1561mm. and almost twice as much rain as Brisbane has received so far this year.

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SeaRay Sundancer 48.
We recently had the pleasure of a guided tour of our client's family boat. It is a magnificent SeaRay Sundancer 48 designed for speed and luxury. This impressive sports cruiser is Insured by Club Marine Ltd.

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Turn off your Dishwasher.
Our own office suffered extensive damage in June 2007. We now know from experience that Dishwashers are a common point of ignition and should never be turned on and left unattended. Thanks to our CGU Office Pack Insurance reinstatement happened quickly.

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Insure first dig later
Construction Risks are vulnerable to loss during the Demolition and Excavation stage. Preparation is important and without adequate dilapidation reports and review of the Insurances protecting these sub contracts both the Builder and Principal are at Risk.

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Flood or Rainwater?
This graphic example of the damage severe storms cause raises the issue of how your Insurance cover would respond. What is the definition of flood? Is this damage from Storm/Tempest and Rainwater or is it overflow from a natural watercourse.

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Spectacular and Destructive
Lightning and the electronic age do not mix. Power surges destroy main circuit boards in everything from Microwaves to Plasma Screens. Consider protecting your home with electrical overload devices - consult your electrician and keep your Insurances at replacement value.